The first quarter of the year is over, and if you’re like many – you have probably long since forgotten about the fitness resolutions you made in January. You may have had grand plans to workout several times a week and, by now, be ready for warm weather with a toned and trim physique.

If you’re like most people, somewhere between January 15 and today you started to slip a little on those plans. Whether you enrolled in the gym at all or went for a few days and eventually left it all behind, it’s not uncommon to realize that your fitness resolutions in 2016 are quickly going down the same path as your resolutions in 2015, and 2014.

But it’s not too late.

What To Do When You Need to Reset Your Fitness Routine

If you feel like you’re starting over again, know that you’re not alone. Remember these easy tips for starting a new fitness regimen in the spring or summer months.

  1. Build Up Slowly – If you completely fell off of the fitness wagon and haven’t exercised in more than a few weeks, start back with the basics. Twenty to thirty minutes of a steady walk, whether on a treadmill or around the local park on your lunch break can do wonders for your metabolism and get you in the habit of taking time out of your day for fitness.
  2. Consider a Personal Trainer or Group Classes – At FastTrack2, we have personal trainers available for you to work with, whether you just need a complimentary “Getting Started” session or a trainer to work with you on a regular basis, we can find the best person to help you reach your goals. Trainers are more than simply a way to gain direction – they are also someone to keep you accountable, and make sure that you are actively pursuing your fitness goals.
  3. Schedule Your Time – Make fitness a priority by placing it on your schedule, and making sure that that time is taken, even if you have potential other plans come up. If you are unwilling to schedule fitness time, chances are you are going to find that it quickly becomes less of a priority.
  4. Don’t Burn Out – So you don’t have an hour to do a class. Even 15 minutes of activity is better than no activity at all. Be patient with yourself, and you’ll find that you are going to start enjoying adding that extra time to your fitness plans.
  5. Document Your Progress – Keeping track of your progress can often be the difference between maintaining your fitness plan, and quickly giving up. That is because when you see yourself making progress, you’ll find that you’re motivated to continue. It’s why we use FastTrack2 Apps and Software so that you can visually see the progress you’ve made, and stay motivated to continue into the future.
  6. Schedule Fitness Activities Away From the Gym – Fitness should always be fun. If you only go to the gym, then you’re going to associate fitness with the gym, and possibly find yourself burnt out from your fitness goals. On those spring and mild summer days, get outside and get some fresh air. A nice leisurely walk in a park or a hike through the woods will help your mood and continue to help you see the fun in exercise.  

Our goal at FastTrack2 is to make fitness enjoyable, keep you motivated, and provide you with options that allow you to continue to work towards your overall health and wellness goals. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, or getting started in working towards your fitness needs, contact us today at (614) 638-2942.