Hyland’s make major changes

Steve and Lorraine have made some major changes and have both been ever present at the 9am class throughout 2018, between them they have now lost over 140 lbs.

Joe 2018

A great year by Joe, what a transformation we saw in only a few months, well done Joe!

Gym Near Me | Your Local Lewis Center Personal Fitness Studio

Anyone can buy a building and stock it with dozens of different weights. Great gyms are more than that. At FastTrack2, our number one goal is helping improve your fitness, with a variety of unique [...]

What is body composition and what does the InBody test measure?

   There are still many people out there that confuse body composition with body fat percentage or BMI, not understanding they are all different components. This video can now serve as a visual tool to explain [...]

Strongest male client of the month

Strongest Male - Tim Barton Tim is our Mr Motivator, he loves to help others and give them positive reinforcement and creates a great atmosphere when he is in the gym. Tim always loves a [...]

Strongest female client of the month

Strongest Female - Lorraine Hyland Lorraine has seen such amazing changes over the two years she has been attending FastTrack. Last year Lorraine was our biggest loser, losing over 70 lbs and her fitness and [...]

Fittest Male Client Of The Month

Fittest Male Client Name - Greg Weber Greg has been attending FastTrack 4-6 days a week for the last 2.5 years. Greg is so fit and has the all time record distances in 7 of the [...]

Road to 100 : Fran Landry

Goal: 100 lbs Remaining: 0 lbs Time spent: 18 months Fran is "Miss Consistency". Every single day you will see her happy face in the gym. For anyone who knows Fran, you will agree she [...]

Road to 100 : Brie Tenny

Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year Remaining: 0 lbs Time spent: 362 days Wow, Brie made it...Losing 100 lbs in under 1 year. Amazing! Brie is a superb example to all those people out there [...]

Road to 100 : Amy Gosirowski

Goal: 100 lbs Remaining: 0 lbs Time spent: 13 months Amy is "Miss committed". Once she has a goal, there is no stopping her. Amy jumps in with both feet and does great with whatever [...]

Video Promo : Out and About Columbus

Out and About Columbus stopped by our gym in Lewis Center to ask us some questions and learn more about what we're up to. Check out the video or stop by today to learn more!

How to Stick to New Year Fitness Resolutions in 2016

The first quarter of the year is over, and if you’re like many – you have probably long since forgotten about the fitness resolutions you made in January. You may have had grand plans [...]

“ The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”


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