Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year
Remaining: 0 lbs
Time spent: 362 days

Wow, Brie made it…Losing 100 lbs in under 1 year. Amazing! Brie is a superb example to all those people out there who think working out is not for them. Brie had not done any exercise for 30 years and weighed over 300 lbs when he walked in on his first day.
Brie suffered heavily with diabetes at the start of the program—with his sugar levels at 280. A year later and Brie’s sugar levels are now 120. The three insulin shots a day are no longer needed, and this alone, is a huge weight off brie’s shoulders.
There are no weak excuses from this guy. Clients like this make me so proud of my job. Thank you Brie for being so committed.