Goal: 100 lbs
Remaining: 0 lbs
Time spent: 18 months

Fran is “Miss Consistency”. Every single day you will see her happy face in the gym. For anyone who knows Fran, you will agree she has to be the nicest person you have ever met.
Fran started as a 6:30 pm client because of her work schedule, but soon realized the 5:00 am time wasn’t as crazy as it looked on paper. Fran is there every single morning and completes her food journal every single day. It takes hard work, discipline and commitment to lose the weight that Fran has.
Fran has now passed up her 100 lb target and has also just passed Amy for the #1 biggest loser of all time—having lost over 41% of her body weight!. Fran never gets discouraged if she doesn’t lose weight and just sticks on the right road and says “When my body is ready again, it will drop off.”
This is the person to follow if you have a big goal. Develop Fran’s attitude, and you to will be a success.